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IN 18th-century England, a family of obstetricians built a huge practice by delivering babies with a lower rate of infant and maternal mortality than their competitors. They had a secret — and guarded it jealously, until an inquisitive medical student climbed onto the roof of their delivering room, looked through the skylight and saw the forceps they had invented. The secret was out, to the benefit of all obstetricians.

We’ve written for some of the most respected real estate marketing websites in the U.S.  It’s never easy to share trade secrets but it was worth it because of the people we met along the way.

  • INMAN NEXT “How to Pick a Real Estate Domain Name”, June 2012


  • BIGGER POCKETS BLOG “Real Estate Investors: How to Build an Effective Real Estate Website”, June 2011

bigger pcokets

  • WOMEN’S RADIO “Online Marketing Your Small Businesses”, February 2011

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  • TECH SAVVY AGENT “What My Mom Taught Me About Real Estate Marketing: Focus”, June 2011

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  • GEEK ESTATE AGENT “How to Build a Successful Real Estate Site in 2011″, January 2011

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  • RAIN CITY GUIDE “Lessons From A Foxhole..” June, 2011

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  • FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE MARKETING (FOREM), “How a Great Domain Name Can Cut your Marketing Costs by Half”, February 2012


  • AREWECONNECTED “5-Year Question Every Online Marketer Needs to Ask” ,November 2011


  • DOMAIN SHANE, “Some Great Ideas for Successful Domain Investing”, January 2012

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  • CHASE NATION, April 2008

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  • RENO REALTY BLOG, Hard Lessons Learned, April 2007

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